Here at Arntzen Angus we offer a variety of hunts that will fit just about anybody’s style. We have over 16,000 deeded acres and it provides a very diverse but high quality habitat for many different game animals.

He have some prime creek bottoms right on the edge of our wheat fields that attract a large number of pheasants. We aren’t talking about little birds either. These are some nice sized ringnecks that won’t just run along the brush but will get up in the air where you can get a shot on them.

If you get out into the wheat fields, we have antelope roaming everywhere. We have had excellent success in providing hunters of all levels with a great hunt that ends with them getting the antelope of their dreams. Several trophy size antelope have been harvested on our ranch over the last few years.

Arntzen Angus also has an abundance of deer. They are, for the most part, mule deer. Quality doesn’t lack and with some hard work we can get you a good shot on a nice 4 by 4 buck that anyone would be proud to display on their wall. We also have great varmint hunting which is some of the most enjoyable hunting you will find. There is a lot of action and its wide open to whatever firearm you want to hunt with. Most people bring several guns and switch it up from day to day.

If any of these options sounds like something you would be interested in, give us a call and we will do everything we can to set you up with the hunt of your choice.

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